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Look Back on Idea World's BLOGFEST 2017

February 1, 2018


BLOG? Blah-wha-who-huh?

I am so excited about 2018!!! But before I get ahead of myself I want to make sure I mention the fitness event that opened my eyes to the wonderous world of blogging!


I always wondered what it took to be a blogger, you look online and anyone and everyone is a blogger. But what exactly does a blogger do? Before 2017 I had no idea that blogging would even be on my radar. I was too scared that I would only get judged for my opinions on things. On the other hand what would I even blog about? 

Ah-ha Moment

Well, I am going to school to be a personal trainer so there's a start. And I have learned that anyone and everyone can be a blogger; including me! The wonderful thing about being a blogger is that you share your life experiences with those who have the same interest as you. And you learn from one another. There's always more than one way to do something and we all view the world from a different point of view. 


Through my journey as an online collage student I met an inspirational friend who introduced me to blogging and suggested I apply to Idea World's Blog Fest. Of course I was skeptical because I started my blog a few months prior. I was thinking this event is probably for experienced fitness bloggers. But I ignored my fear and applied anyway. And you know what? I made it into my very first event for my professional career!


Meet the Bloggers



Faith Fueled Mom



Blog Fest 2017 was held in Las Vegas, NV. It was an amazing opportunity to meet my school buddy (from NJ) in person. De Bolton is a personal trainer and fitness blogger, and a mama of divas. I had the pleasure of getting to know this beautiful soul in real life and she wants to help so many women find their way. The same way she found herself by renewing her relationship with our heavenly father. Most folks know her as @faithfueledmom, she created an online fitness program based on her Christian faith. Her program is Bibles & Bootcamp. De stays by your side throughout her entire program. You can scan through her blog to find numerous clean eating recipes to satisfy your taste buds. Ideas to keep a healthy family lifestyle & much more. I have seen transformation pictures of her clients on social media that are incredibly inspiring. To see what this Faith Fueled Mom is up to visit her at




Running with Ollie



While in school De and I did an assignment on a blog called Running with Ollie. De mentioned that she knew Ms. Lea from a previous Blog Fest. Everyone in our class loved how Ms. Lea wrote about her adventures with her furry, running buddy Ollie (who avoids the camera at all cost lol). Back at Blog Fest De and I were at the snack line waiting for yogurt bowls to fill with yummy berries, chia seeds, shredded toasted coconut, and figs. De tapped me on the shoulder and asked me, "do you remember the blog Running with Ollie?" I told her, "ya, wait is she here?" De pointed to Ms. Lea Genders and I was starstruck! I couldn't believe that I was getting ready to meet Ms. Lea in the flesh! Of course I couldn't turn down the chance to meet her! Ms. Lea is just as sweet in person as she is on her blog with her adorable running buddy, Ollie. Ms. Lea is a runner (obviously, lol) from Texas who enjoys sharing tips & tricks to improve your running skills. She creates nutrition plans & exercises specifically to strengthen runners. To see what new adventures Ms. Lea and Ollie are up to follow them at


Hip Healthy Chic




I was already an Instagram follower of Ms. Tasha before Blog Fest. The fact that we were getting ready to attend a Strong by Zumba class together was mind blowing. We were sweaty for a reason! That workout kicked our booty. This Jesus loving mama is a true inspiration of mind over matter. I encourage you to check out her story of triumph over misfortune and to be inspired by Tasha's giving heart. I enjoy Tasha's enlightening words of wisdom on Instagram on Tuesdays with Tasha. She's a beauty inside and out with brains too! She has a laundry list of credentials but most importantly a desire to help everyone around her. Let Ms. Tasha inspire you be following her at​



Turtle Goes For A Run





I met Ms. Lorri while visiting the Trigger Point booth. We started a conversation about foam rolling. Ms. Lorri was telling me how much she LOVED her Triggerpoint Grid X Foam Roller. Of course I had to try it out and absolutely fell head over heels for it! (but not literally ha, ha) When we were leaving the booth I asked her for her business card. She was so sweet and I noticed her brand name was Turtle Goes For A Run; I thought that was the cutest name! I asked her what gave her the idea? She was kind enough tell me her story and her history with running. At the beginning it was a struggle and she had issues with weight gain and weight loss like most of us do. However, thanks to a little healthy competition between her hubs and herself.  Ms. Lorri regained her confidence when she completed a full mile by running. I know I have things in common with Ms. Lorri like not loving to run...guilty! But overcoming obstacles by doing it anyway...also guilty! To see where and when Turtle Goes for a Run in 2018 go check out Ms. Lorri's blog at:



Ms. Tam is a Cali mama always on the journey of finding your path at your pace. A Teacher setting the ultimate example by leading by example. I met Ms. Tam during one of our shuffles from sessions to exercise training. We learned that we both live in the SoCal area and that's where it all started. I love watching this marathon loving mama on Instagram. She's always working out with the coolest gadgets or running in exciting themed marathons. Watching Ms. Tam makes me want to get up and be active. To see where Tamarathoner is running or trailing next follow Ms. Tam at







Healthy Socialite




"I am Carleeh, loud and sassy. This Jesus lovin' mama of 3, is always on-the-go trying to break a sweat and get some girl time. Know to randomly happy dance and sing with my windows down. I have a thing for gym & juice and eat way too much chocolate." - Carleeh


This is Ms. Carleeh's introduction on her blog Healthy Socialite. She is all about that GIRL POWER! I met Ms. Carleeh while on a walk that was hosted on first morning before Blog Fest began. We related about our struggles, families, goals, and of course about our blogs. Ms. Carleeh believes in empowering women by finding your tribe and surrounding yourself with uplifters who share similar goals and dreams. She's always walking, training, enjoys fashion, and she's cooking up a storm somewhere. To see what this fun loving fashionista Healthy Socialite is up to (and her drool worthy recipes) follow Ms. Carleeh at:



 Natural Fly Diva


"Welcome! I'm Sandrell. A blogger, health & wellness advocate, and nutrition specialist. A wife and mother of three, I share about food, faith, family, fitness and fun!"-Sandrell


I met Ms. Sandrell during our walk and learned about her love for all things natural and rocking the bloggers life and balancing a family. Ms. Sandrell is a sweet soul in person as well as her deep thoughtful blog posts. Ms. Sandrells blog makes me think outside the box and to be considerate to people's feelings. One the most influential posts I read was about pregnancy and infant loss. I never thought about the perspective of the hurting mother and how things we say out of tradition can actual hurt versus heal. Ms Sandrell is sweet, funny with a beautiful personality. I encourage you to see what this Natural Fly Diva is up to at  




Glam Nellie


Brooklyn Active Mama


Last but certainly not the least I would like to introduce to you Ms. Nellie. We also met at the morning walk and related with being moms of boys and the fun adventures of motherhood. Ms. Nellie is an adventurous mama who enjoys running marathons, working out, and adores living in the Big Apple! Ms. Nellie is an amazing example of how blogging can become your lifestyle. She is so sweet and I am grateful for the opportunity to have spent time with her. I am a huge Instagram follower of Ms. Nellie. I'm so excited to see what she is up to next. Is she on vacation? On her way to take her kids to school or family event? Or is she at a new blogging or social event? Or simply on her way to the gym? She'll keep you guessing. To keep up with life in fast lane in NYC join this Brooklyn Active Mama at:


A Shout Out to our Sponsors!


Thank You!


Special Speakers


Celebrity Appearances


Todd Durkin




This man has energy for lifting others up that is literally contagious! His style of motivation will pull you up from just about any circumstance and he'll make you smile a little too.


Elaine Lalanne



 Ms.  Elaine Lalanne is the wife of legendary Jack Lalanne (the juicer guy hint, hint) who was the first person to televise a workout program. Seriously, Ms. Lalanne and her son were so kind to take a moment from their hectic schedule to come mingle with us. 

Bennie Wylie from NBC's Strong


What an honor to be able to meet this man. Inspirational leader and family man.



Celebrity Trainer Jorge Cruise


You can see Jorge Cruise on Khloe Kardashian's show Revenge Body.  



Gracie Gold 

Two-Time Olympic Medalist




At the Red Bull Networking Event we met Grace Gold a talented athlete and "mind blowing" facts about Red Bull. Like Red Bull is specifically made for individuals over the age of 18 and targeted for athletes. It was created in 1987 and contains ingredients that work with your metabolism like Taurine and B-Group Vitamins. Help Red Bull give wings to others by donating or participating in to help find a cure for spinal cord injuries. It's international non-profit organization that believes there is a cure to spinal cord injuries. What an amazing mission to be a part of. 

New Gear & Workouts






Blog Fest Conclusion

Thanks to Blog Fest I was able to experience new techniques, new workouts, and the latest and greatest workout gear. There is something out there for everyone. The most important key over all is consistency (which we will explore in a future blog post)


I rubbed shoulders with some of the most influential people in the fitness industry. It was surreal and humbling to meet these people that I am used to seeing on TV, or on their instagrams, or blogs and interact in engaging conversations with all of them. Down to earth, hard working, self-disciplined people who absolutely love what they do! 


Blog Fest was such an informative and exciting experience. There were successful leaders mingling with starting bloggers like myself. We had motivational speakers and influencing brand representatives to show us how to grow our blogs and build professional relationships. Not only to improve our blogs but to inspire us to be successful in all aspects of our lives. They shared techniques, statistics, and their personal stories that encouraged us to share our stories with you! 


Thank you for visiting my page, taking the time to read this long article. I hope you enjoyed sampling a little of this crazy life we call blogging. Until the next post,

 Thank You Dear Readers & Followers!





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