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Mostly Homemade Salsa

October 3, 2017


Now, I am a sucker for grandma's homemade salsa in a mason jar just like the next person. But when you have a random idea sometime you just gotta go with it. I know mine is not 100 percent products but thats an easy fix. Honestly, this came out pretty well and I will be adding it to my recipe repeat collection. 


Earlier today I was planning on eating eggs, and I just left the grocery store and realized I forgot to pick up salsa. Then my sis-in-law mentioned the dollar store might carry some. Low and behold they didn't carry salsa but we can do something with canned tomatoes and jalapeños! Ha ha ha. I began to think of everything I had at home and here we are! 



"Mostly Homemade Salsa" 




  • 2 lemons

  • 2 cans of Hunts Diced Tomato  (Garlic Flavored)

  • Cherry Tomatoes 

  • Quarter-Half Onion

  • 3 Gloves of Garlic

  • Cilantro *optional

  • Jalapeños *optional



Serving: Family

Supplies: Food Processor 





Again super simple recipe. I put the cherry tomatoes (as many as you want), garlic, and onions in the food processor. I would start with a quarter onion and add more if needed. Add the lemon juice and contents from the processor and the canned tomatoes into a large mixing bowl. Add extra options if needed and mix thoroughly and there you have it! Enjoy!



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