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Just Another Day

February 28, 2017


It’s a Monday, a rainy, droopy, wet, cold, do nothing kind of day. Another day of classes, homework, fast food, and decisions to make. But if I am honest with myself; it’s another day closer to the grave.


Another day that I chose to give into my laziness. Another day that I chose not to succeed because I didn’t “feel like it.” Another day that I decided NOT to help or inspire, improve, learn or fail. Another day of not pursuing my dreams and future goals because I chose not to try.


It is another day, but here I am sharing my life. Sharing my struggles and choosing to put one foot in front of the other. I am choosing to have another day of progress, another day of growing, and another day of change. I am choosing to put forth the effort, I am choosing not to give up, and I am choosing not to take TODAY for granted. We may never know what will happen tomorrow, and we can not change yesterday, but we do know we can make the most out of today.


Imagine all the minds of whom have gone before us. All the great ideas, visions, inventions, techniques, equations, or solutions that will never be brought to light because that person didn’t have the courage to try. It breaks my heart to think of all the potential that was lost, but this also brings hope!


Hope, that there is great potential alive and well and thriving! Just imagine what another day can bring!



*this post was inspired by this YouTube video. I am not a paid advertiser.  



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