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Murrieta, CA, USA

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Hey everyone!


My name is Shenie Bento and I am a fun loving, hardworking, mom-on-the-go, & Navy Senior Chief Spouse! I absolutely love helping people reach their health and fitness goals. So much; in fact, that I went to school and attained my Associates Degree in Exercise Science. I am also certified as a Personal Trainer through one of the most prestigious accreditations in the health and fitness industry, the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).  


I work out in my garage gym while listening to gangsta rap, 90s hip-hop and R&B, 90s and modern-day country, and yes even a little rock too. I am a music junkie with a baseball cap and you can catch me dancing around my weights or randomly singing throughout my house just like a Disney musical! Only not as cute or as easy to listen too.

I also train at a local gym and I love to take part in the Rock Steady Boxing program and the senior fitness group Ageless Athletes. Rock Steady Boxing is a program that helps individuals with Parkinson's Disease. Ageless Athletes focuses on our senior athletes with arthritis, MS, Alzheimer, and many other age debilitating diseases. We care about seniors because they deserve to fight for their lives. 


I am a mom of two boys and one baby girl due January of 2019. I have my 14-year-old spitfire and my 9-year-old with a fantastic sense of humor. My hubs and I are beyond excited to meet our newest and last addition to our little family. She is an unexpected blessing but a blessing all the same. They keep me on my toes, they keep me young, and between them and my husband; they are the reasons why my hair is grey in my mid 30s.


I have a pug and a one-eyed kitty cat whom you will see on social media almost as much as my kids. You can catch my crazy day-to-day antics on Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, or Facebook.


I love weight lifting! One of my personal goals is to become a bikini competitor. I love the feeling of becoming stronger every day and being able to accomplish more than I did the day before. I also like the “hurt so good” feeling when I push my body to its max. It’s a sickness, really it is ha-ha-ha.


DO NOT worry if that is not what you’re into, I will listen to your needs and your goals to help you take the right steps to get you there. Everyone is on their own journey. That’s why I love personal training, it's completely customizable to you!


On this blog, you’ll hear me say that the body is all about balance. Which includes self-care, learning how to incorporate healthy living into family time, tools to keep you motivated on the go, & comradery and accountability help us stay consistent. By becoming a Sheylu Fit Freak, you will not be alone on this journey and you’ll have a lot of fun too! I hope that by sharing my experiences and life struggles that I can help motivate and inspire you to keep going. Especially when times get tough and they will because that’s life.


No matter what you have and where you want to go on your fitness journey. I am your number one cheerleader!